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Providing music, movement and play sessions for pre school children.

Musical Bears has always been a dream of mine, as a qualified and certified music therapist, musician and mummy to two beautiful children. My dream has been to provide access to music from the very start of little ones lives. Having been exposed to music from a very early age myself, and it forming the biggest part of my life so far, I know just how important music can be to shape a persons life.

Being part of musical groups in my school, university and adult life has taught me the invaluable skills to make many friends and to learn the importance of being part of a team. I also gained the confidence to express myself and be confident in my work and social life. I also had the pleasure of learning how to read music and learn numerous instruments.

As a qualified music therapist I have worked with children in early years setting for the last 5 years and also have extensive experience in working with children who have both physical and learning difficulties.

My vision is to introduce music into the lives of many little ones and their carers in a fun and safe environment using musical instruments and singing of songs. The children will be able to develop not only their musical and social skills but their numeracy and language skills too.

Much research has been done into the effect of music on the brain and the early intervention of music in our lives.

During my sessions children will be exposed to live music making and will be able to be a part of the music making process too! There will be musical instruments to explore, musical games to be played and lots of sensory activities to both stimulate and relax the children!

Lots of fun will be had with bubbles, feathers and parachute activities!

Each weekly session will have a new theme and will include the use of welsh language and baby sign too.

Come along and see what it's all about and don’t worry if you aren’t “musical” as you don't need to be. You just need to be ready to have fun with your little one and I will guide you all the way :)

Anwen Mulligan BMus Hons, PGDipMT, 10 years as a mother!

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